Designer Shoes at Payless: Lela Rose Joins In

Designer Lela Rose recently unveiled her new shoe collection with Payless (yep, Payless) at her fashion week show last week. Rose, who designs pretty sensible clothing for the ladies who lunch set, joins the designer label Abaete in creating a designer shoe line for the discount shoe store. The shoes will be available in stores in late summer/early fall.

Now down to business.. I must say that I LOVE this new line. The t-strap heels will look FABULOUS with fall’s “lady-like” suits and coats. Pair the gray round toed pumps with a pair of pink tights and you’re all set. I’m not such a big fan of the flats, that look like they gush a bit more than I would like… but for the most part the line looks fabulous.

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  1. Delilah Pearl says

    Those shoes are divine;)… And Angela, you can never have enough shoes. My true weakness is handbags, I have more than 50. Hopefully, the shoes come in size 5!!!

  2. Leigh says

    Adorable!  I usually don’t shop at Payless, but Lela Rose is such a fabulous designer.  So excited.  I also just discovered the most amazing new website, Barefoot Tess. 

    I think it’s, but you can Google it to be sure.  The shoes are cheaper than at regular retail stores, and the cutest styles you’ve ever seen.

    I just bought three pairs of Steve Maddens from them, and a pair of the most comfortable ballet flats by All Black.  Also, if you have bigger feet, they go all the way from 5 up to size 14!!

  3. says

    I’ve always liked Payless, especially since they offer heels in a size 5 unlike most stores (hello Nine West) and of course the prices. Lately though I’ve been loving the cute heels, i get the most compliments on their shoes from people assuming they are designer or purchased from a boutique or something. love it.

    Oh I like the last shoes pictured, perfect for work

  4. mel says

    unfortunately the payless shoes will only be “inspired by” the runway versions, according to the wall street journal. same goes for the abaete shoes shown on the runway in NYC as well.

  5. Heidi says

    Last time they did this the shoes in the stores did not look quite as nice as the ones on the runway. *sad* lets hope they do something better this time!

  6. says

    Those are cute! There’s a pair of shoes on Payless’ website now that I like. As a matter of fact, these shoes were only 22 bucks when I saw a high-end version of $289!!! Gotta love Payless.

  7. Frances says

    I purchased both of the pumps shown today.  They are absolutely fabulous.  For $25 & $30 the quality is good. Oh, and they are comfortable as well.

  8. natalie L says

    I purchased 2 pairs of lela rose shoes two years ago at Payless by chance. Went in for my daughters ballet shoes and thought I’d check to see if I may find something for me. I never shop for my shoes at payless but was I thrilled to find Lela Rose’s shoes there!!!! I have them still 2 years later and they have worn well. Women ask me often where did I find them and I have them searching at payless for Lela Rose! I’m still searching for her stuff. havent seen any since my first purchase. What I liked about them were the quality and design! If she makes more, I hope the quality and design remain the same!!!!!!!!!! Bring them back Lela Rose!!!!

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