Leg Warmers: Yea or Nay

Like that other 80s trend, stirrup pants, leg warmers are finding their way back onto the fashion landscape. Y-3 showed big, bold colored ones on their Fall runway, Lindsay Lohan’s been seen donning a pair lately, and well, heck, you can pick ‘em up now at Forever 21. But should you? That’s the question.

We must admit, they have a tiny bit more appeal that the still-ridiculous stirrup pant. At least leg-warmers serve a purpose (ankles get cold sometimes, right?), and add some texture and color interest to an outfit. Still, while this model looks pretty great in them somehow, most of us would end up looking schlumpy and well, slightly ridiculous. And for those of us that run to the petite side, they cut the line, which serves to make the leg only look shorter. Which would defeat the purpose of all those pointy-toed shoes we’ve collected.

So it’s a nay from where we’re standing (chilly ankles and all)—rock some colored tights instead,  if you want to have some fun. But what do you think?


photo from Style.com

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  1. says

    The legwarmers look great on that model, but on real people? Not so much. It gives an impression of not being quite competent enough for pajamas.

  2. says

    I love wearing legwarmers!  Particularly, in the winter, I sometimes enjoy putting them on under my jeans.  Because ankles DO get cold, and I find that it keeps them dry, keeps my legs warm, and provides a peep of color on a grey day.

  3. says

    you know what?  I am feeling these leg warmers…they tried to make it big a few years back but never reach optimal top trend of the season but maybe this year, they will be more successful!

  4. MizHalsegan says

    Yay if you are in your house, or somewhere else where people won’t see you. Or maybe if you’re a dancer. Nay if you will be out anywhere inflicting this look on others. These almost look like pants falling down. I didn’t like this look (or stirrup pants) the first time. I know I couldn’t pull ‘em off now! 😀

  5. says

    Yea when on an early morning bike ride, or maybe a winter run. They come off easily and can be shoved in a pocket or backpack once you get warmed up.

    Other than dancing & workouts though, Nay!

  6. See says

    I wasn’t sure about leg warmers until I saw a gal wearing them on campus. She wore them with a very simple yet chic outfit and looked super cute. I don’t think I could ever pull them off because I have chunky calves. But for anyone who doesn’t, I say go for it!

  7. Mojo says

    Depends on how they are worn. They are fine peeking out of knee high boots, but then again you could just wear high socks too. I personally wouldn’t wear them 100% visible with a regular pair of shoes because then it looks to costume like.

  8. Jay says

    You know, I kind of like those. I just don’t think I’m funky enough to pull them off.

    What’s absurd though, was the trend sometime about a year or two ago when teenyboppers were wearing them with denim skirts and flip flops. Now that just plain doesn’t make sense.

  9. Heather says

    Yea – if actually dancing, nay the rest of the time. Lived through ‘em once, not interested again, although they were pretty fun in the 80’s!

  10. Anonymous says

    Yeah, Heather, I’m all about this rule: If you’re old enough to have done the trend the first time around (which I am), avoid it the second time around . . .

  11. Sara Tymon says

    I think they look cute on young girls if they have a funky edge to them.  I myself am not young enough, do not have that edge, and am an even 5 feet, so I will never wear them.  But I’m not against them

  12. Lisa says

    Rock it – it only takes confidence and some creativity!  Fashion should also be fun.  If it doesn’t work out give them away for Christmas…etc.

  13. Skylar says

    Complete and total HELL YEAH.

    Leg warmers are super cute, very trendy, fun, not to mention SO warm!

    They aren’t for self-conscious people, though.

    My rule: If you keep thinking it looks bad, people will think it looks BAD.
    If you think it looks good, you’ll be looking GOOD.

    Leg warmers are way trendy.

  14. cathy says

    I think they are OK for the younger set.  They should have some fun.  I would never wear them and have noticed that in fact not that many people *are* wearing them.  They are a harmless trend.

  15. kelly says

    Unless you are pencil thin or fourteen it’s a NAY!  Somethings like stirrup pants, Flashdance shirts and acid washed jeans are better left in the past!

  16. Mel says

    YAY!!! I’m a dancer at my high school, therefore obviously able to void the “if you’ve lived through it once…” rule, and I LOVE them!! Even my friends who aren’t dancers wear them! I plan on buying a set, each pair a different color, for my team as Christmas presents.

  17. Kathy says

    Yea if they’re cheap and you live in a cold climate.  I think this trend will be as fleeting as it was in the ‘80s … blink and you’ll miss it. 

    Unlike the ‘80s, the style makes a bit more sense now because girls are wearing them with skirts.  In the ‘80s, we wore them over our jeans, which just didn’t make sense at all.

  18. says

    Total HELL YEAH…
    There are two times I think leg warmers look ridiculous… when it’s WARM! and when you wear them over your pants.

    I’ve started wearing them, am not super tall, and am not on the skinny side, but I love them.

    I even wear them to work. I wear my leg warmers UNDER my pants, get them to coordinate with my outfit, and that way I have a little peep of interest whenever my pant leg shows them.

    I think it looks perfectly ok to wear with a dress, some tights, and a funky pair of shoes. It’s an easy way to create another layer of warmth that is sometimes to hard to do with the lower half of the body. Ankles DO get cold, and when they do, feet tend to be cold too.

    I think they’re cute ANF functionally important in these long, cold winter months.

  19. Tiffany says

    I am “old enough” to remember when this trend was new, along with the other 80s trends. I thought they were ugly and useless then, and I still think so. They have the same usefulness as fingerless gloves. Ugh…

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