Leftover Paper: Recycle This

Be the envy of your friends at the party, and deliver your gift with presentation! Don’t let fancy stores have all the fun packing your gift for you; you can do it yourself with minimal effort and recyclable materials from around the house.

This past weekend, we were preparing for a party. We had purchased the bride-to-be some natural products to soothe her tired tootsies; now all we had left to do was put the gift together.

Leftover box from a package previously delivered to us – CHECK!
Arts and crafts paper lying around the house – CHECK!

We shredded the paper and added it to the box, then gently tucked each of the pedicure items into the shredded paper and VOILA! You’ve got a perfect presentation. Use pages from a wedding magazine to wrap the gift and you are ready to go.

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