Leaky Sinks, Green Goods, and Bamboo Laptops: Web Round-Up

The Budget Ecoist links you to the best eco buzz from around the web:

Green Daily lets us in on the little-known but logical fact that leaky sinks waste a lot of water in the long run. Berkeley, CA is instituting a program to catch leaks all across the city. Engineers are set to listen in on the pipes in the early morning, leading eventually to a conservation of water.

Great Green Goods introduces us to this beautiful business card holder, made out of recycled records. We think it would look awesome atop our desk. We’re not sure if we’ll put other cards in the display, or ours.

EcoGeek falls in love with Asus’s bamboo laptop notebook. It’s unique, adorable, and contains an energy efficient engine which can extend battery life. We. want. it.

GreenMomFinds is currently holding a contest for a $45 gift certificate to Wild Dill, a shopping site for organic, fair-trade and sweat-shop free products for toddlers. Head there and enter for a chance to win.

Image: EcoGeek.com

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