Lauren Conrad’s Line Is Over, Kinda

What: MTV “reality” star Lauren Conrad launched a line in 2007 that we had mixed reactions about. It managed to stick around for a few years. However, Lauren won’t put out any more collections and instead will “revamp her line and design with more high-end fabrics.”

What We Say: Sounds like Lauren’s backing out of designing altogether – after all, it’s her last season on “The Hills,” the show that allowed her to be a designer in the first place. (Or you could go as far back as “Laguna Beach.”) Anyways, no one in the industry has ever taken her seriously and considering she’s selling a simple top for a whopping $150, she’s just becoming more and more irrelevant.

If she does come out with a new line as promised, why would she go for more high-end fabrics? Doesn’t that just mean her $150 tops will cost more like $200?

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