Target’s Next Top Designer Collaboration: Lauren Bush Lauren

Image via: People

These days, it’s not so odd to see higher end designs of Paris and Milan on Main Street, meaning Jason Wu’s nestled in the clothing aisle at Tarjay or Versace’s Kimono-inspired dresses are next to the bargain rack at H&M.  We get it.  More and more budget retailers are tapping into star-studded designer partnerships to make a buck.  It’s a win-win.  High end designers reach a new demographic, and budget retailers sell designer goods like hot cakes. (Missoni for Target anyone?)

So where are designer collabs heading next? Target is partnering with Lauren Bush Lauren’s FEED.  (Yes, former model Lauren Bush is George Dubya’s niece.)  FEED is known for their minimalistic burlap bags for a good cause; proceeds go towards fighting global hunger.  Lauren’s limited-edition collection at Target will feature 50 pieces that will be available both online and in stores on June 30.  The FEED collection will include anything from bikes to accessories to clothing with prices ranging from $3 to $400. Proceeds will go to the non-profit Feeding America.

Stylish and charitable?  We’re definitely checking this collection out!



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