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So, I am shopping yesterday with my mother and my mother-in-law at the Jersey Garden Mall (we were just too lazy to head out to Woodbury). Jersey Gardens is a huge outlet mall located minutes from the Newark Airport and a block or two from the Elizabeth IKEA, the first IKEA in North America. I took them to Last Call Neiman Marcus, an essential store for fashionistas over 40, where we spent an hour and a half trying on 52 items (true!) between the three of us. Of course only seven of those items fit. It is almost like you have to try on 10 items just to find one that fits.

After confronting the scowls of the dressing room attendant—I think I would have scowled too if I had to re-hang 45 items—we headed to the checkout counter, where my mother purchased a pair of black Ellen Tracy pants and a complete silk outfit (pants, top, shell) for $70 bucks and my mother in law bought a Alfred Nippon Suit, the same silk outfit as my mom (they live in separate cities), and a long black suede skirt for approximately $150 bucks. We discovered, upon approaching the counter, that Neiman Marcus is talking a cue from Saks (which SUCKS at Jersey Garden Mall) and started offering coupons online. Being the Budget Fashionista, I felt it was my duty to sign myself up, as well as most of my friends and family members. Who DOESN’T love a coupon? You can head into any Last Call Center and sign-up on the spot. I received my first coupon before I even got home—10% off any single purchase item. Not bad.

Last Call is one of those hit or miss stores—sometimes can find items like a black Ellen Tracy jacket for $25 bucks or a complete silk pants set for $35. Other times, you find nothing but a stretched out St. John Knit purple and green sequin top for $500 bucks with no matching bottoms. You also have to make sure you double check the sales sections to make sure you aren’t over paying for an item. For example, my mom and my mother-in-law bought the same shirt for their “twin” silk outifts. My mother-in-law was charged $33.00 for the shirt and my mom $13.00. Upon further investigation, we found that the tag of my mother-in-laws shirt was not stamped with the blue 75% off stamp. If we hadn’t checked, she would have been out 20 bucks,

Photo Courtesy of Houston Chronicle

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