Last Year’s Prom Dress: Recycle This

It’s February, spring is just around the corner.  And every high school girl knows what spring means: prom season.

Ahh, yes, that first time many of us get dressed to the nines, actually pay someone to do our hair, our nails, maybe even our makeup (if we’re feeling extraordinarily lazy). Prom is often the biggest social event of most high schoolers lives, and yet for others it’s a struggle with self esteem.  Many young girls can’t afford the expense of prom and either have to pass it up or feel inadequately prepared.

Enter Operation Fairy Dust, a nonprofit organization founded in 2002 that provides New York City high school girls in need with a prom dress, cosmetics and accessories.

Although Operation Fairy Dust works out of New York, there are sister organizations all over the country. Mayb e even one in your city!  Learn how you can help and maybe even give that beautiful dress just sitting in your closet, a new night out on the town!

Image courtesy of Operation Fairy Dust

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