How to Put Together a Last Minute V-day Outfit

Despite the fact that February 14th is conspicuously circled in an ostentatious pink on your calendar (Yep, a subtle hint for the special friend in your life), between 6am yoga, your job, novel writing classes, and your second job, somehow Valentine’s Day has crept its way up.  Grand plans to put together a show-stopping Valentine’s Day outfit have been thwarted because *gasp* today IS V-day.  And the aforementioned “special friend,” who you oh-so-subtly hinted on that you LOVE being spoiled on V-day, is picking you up at 7 on the dot for a night out on the town!  Egads!  Before you freak out, feign illness, or say that your dog ate your outfit, check out our guide to putting together an awesome last minute Valentine’s Day look.

Pull out that LBD: Every gal has (or should have) a little black dress.  It’s that go-to number tucked away in a safe spot within your closet.  It’s simplicity is what makes it so versatile, and the LBD can be repurposed for a variety of occasions: the office party, first dates, second dates, a family reunion, and occasions when you must dress to impress  but you have absolutely nothing to wear.   In other words, NOW!  Wear your LBD as is, or dazzle it up with some fancy jewelry.  Think dangly earrings, statement jewelry, and bangles.


Roses are red: So, we’re playing into the V-day color motif, but there’s no denying that pink/red are anthems for love.  Now’s the time to pull anything red/pink from your wardrobe.  If you have a red/pink dress, BINGO!  You’re ready to go.  If not, try looking for the follow items in the desired colors: cardigan, skirt, form-fitting top, shoes, or scarf.  If you’re feeling reticent about being too bold, temper strong reds and bright pinks with a neutral beige, grey, or black.

Think lace: Take a hint from the runway because this season, lace is hotter than ever, and why not pull out your lacy friends this V-day?  (And no, not THOSE lacy friends!) Lace is the perfect romantic and modern V-day outfit, as it’s sexy while leaving a bit to the imagination.  Try pairing a lacy top with a solid skirt, or pair lacy leggings with your outfit to give your look a little va-va-voom.

Sealed with a (red) kiss: Besides being stunning muses of beauty, what do Taylor Swift, Marilyn Monroe, and Gwen Stefani have in common?  Their ruby red lips!  Even if your everyday makeup routine is more demure than vixen, boost up your look this V-day with some red, red lips.  Don’t have a go-to red lipstick?  Head to your local drugstore during your lunch break for a quick buy.  The great thing about red lipstick is that it adds some Hollywood glamour to any outfit.

Go short: When it comes to rising hemlines, we’re quick to turn to the infamous mini… skirt that is.  Why not shake things up a bit while showing some legs this V-Day? Instead of a skirt, opt for donning a pair of dressy shorts.  (Yes, during the winter!)  Pair your shorts with a tights.  Lacy, colored, or just plain black/nude will do.  On top, wear a long-sleeved blouse or cardigan to balance the bareness on the bottom.

Winterize a summer dress: Admit it.  The majority of your cutest dresses are for the summer or spring.  Well, pull it out of your “Summer Clothes” box that’s tucked away under your bed!  While you can’t wear the dress as is, you can winterize it.  Translation?  Wear a pair of tights, add a cardigan or a winter jacket, of pair your summer number with a winter shawl.  Who says your fab summer dress can’t survive a winter V-day?

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