Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Dirty Laundry
Cost: $0-$5
How to do it: All you need for this costume, are a black top, bottom, and old laundry basket. Cut out the bottom of the laundry basket so it fits snug around your waist. Fill the basket with “dirty” clothes. The costume can be expanded to a great family costume- the adults as “heavy loads” and children as
“light load”

– The Dow Jones.
Cost: $0-$10
How to do it: Get one of those giant chart paper pads with graph paper, draw on some official looking-numbers and a big fat arrow heading downward, cut out a place for your head, and voila—you are the most relevant and potentially depressing character around. For the best effect, carry around some fake dollar bills you can toss at random, so that they flutter uselessly to the ground in your wake .

Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Cost: $0
How to do it: Gather your friends (works best with at least 4 – 5 friends), wear matching t-shirts and jeans, and picks one or two songs to sing throughout the night.

Total cost: $0- (possibly your pride if you’re not a great singer).

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  1. says

    I don’t celebrate Halloween, but these costume ideas are hysterically cute. Maybe I’ll try one of them out on Purim (that’s the Jewish holiday when we wear costumes).

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