Last, Last, Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s Christmas morning and you received a call from your long lost cousin/brother/uncle/friend that they’ve decided this year to make their annual appearance at the family Christmas dinner. And while you haven’t seen your long lost cousin/brother/uncle/friend since the family’s annual 4th of July barbecue, you feel obligated to give a gift. But it’s Christmas morning and the options are pretty limited.

Here’s what you do….

1. Create a gift basket. Head to Walgreens (cause for some reason Walgreens is ALWAYS open on Christmas day) and score items for a gift basket. If the unexpected guest is a woman and/or a guy who likes to get his “spa on”, then purchase small bottles of body washes and scrubs, a plastic body puff, a manicure set and other beauty items. If the unexpected guest enjoys movies, then purchase a DVD, some trail mix, candy, and a packet of microwaveable popcorn. If you don’t have a basket lying around your house that you can use, then score a basket at Walgreens as well.

2. Regift. Look through your closets, drawers, pantry for an item you can regift. Remember, to follow the rules outlined in my rules for regifting post, like changing the wrapping paper, making sure the item to be regifted is in good shape. Books make great regifts.

3. Use the Kids. What adult can resist a custom drawing by little Timmy? (Don’t answer that). Have a children draw a “special” picture for the unexpected guest and then look around your house (or at the local Walgreens) for a nice frame to put it in.

4. Gift Cards. Many grocery stores now sell gift cards for stores like Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, etc. Be careful, these cards often have hidden fees attached to them.

5. Cash. While should be the last option, this is the one the recipient will probably like the best.

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