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Did you buy cosmetics between May 29,1994 and July 16,2003? We’re guessing you did. And stores like Macy’s and Dillard’s will take your word for it. Due to a class action settlement, which amounted to a whopping $175 million, a long list of department stores are handing out free makeup; no strings attached. According to the law, you’re owed one free item of makeup. But you’ve only got until Monday, January 26th (or while supplies last) to take advantage. Here’s a list of all the participating stores and cosmetic brands.

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  1. meemato7 says

    Good luck with this……..Here in Nashville, Tn. the local media featured this as a lead story the night before it began and the ‘thousands’(literally) of free products were ‘claimed’ by the next afternoon.  I have no idea that every person who heard on the news that all you had to do was claim that you had purchased that brand went and claimed it all.  I have spent a small fortune on Estee Lauder for years but got nothing because I wasn’t in line the first morning.  This could have been handled Much Much better IMO.

  2. bettyinbedrock says

    Good luck is right!  Thanks for posting the info, TBF, but I think it’s a little too late for most people. I live in Virginia int the DC metro area and heard about this late last week.  I headed to Macy’s after work on Friday and they said the were cleared out by the second day and that all the Macy’s in the area were out as well.

    I agree with meemato7; I’ve been buying Clinique products since the early 90’s and am disappointed at the way this was handled.

  3. Shefali says

    I agree…this was poorly handled. I signed up as a participant in this lawsuit when it first started because I had purchased some products. I actually got an email two weeks before the 20th stating that I could pick up products on the 20th. I got nothing because I was too late. I’m sure many people that never even purchased something got things only because they heard it on the news. Totally bugs. That in itself feels like a lawsuit to me.

  4. GiGi22778 says

    I’ve been using Clinique also for 14 years.  They should have made people bring in a piece of merchandise with the name brand on it, or at least a rceipt.

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