Label We’re Watching: Afromania

Afromania, the buzzy brand from London-based Nigerian designer Nkwo Onwuka, has finally landed Stateside.

I first spied the Afro-chic label on Noisettes vocalist/bassist Shingai Shoniwa but, sadly, couldn’t track it down anywhere in the US. At least until last week, when I spotted my super-stylish friend Linda shining in one of the line’s eye-catching ribbon-neck dresses at a party. She divulged that she scored the stunner at interior design shop, Modern Domicile, which has the US exclusive on the line.

Afromania, as its name suggests, is heavily infused by Africa. But the mash-up of fabrics, shapes and bold colors—with a slight nod to ’60s and ’70s style—makes it even more interesting.


Her ruffly waistcoats, dresses, cropped printed trousers and fascinators are splashed with ribbon bows, wide sashes and puffy sleeves. At the top of my list of new favorite things are her shoe wraps. They wrap prettily around the ankle, instantly transforming any ho-hum sandal into bold statement footwear.

Now that I have access to the clothes, I’m pretty jazzed about Afromania’s upcoming home furnishing collaboration with Modern Domicile. In the meantime, I’m excited to generate a little fashion envy of my own.

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    Thanks for the feature on Nkwo Onwuka. I’ve never head of her before, but her work is great. Love the prints and structure of her dresses. I’m going to keep an eye on her & see how far she can take it.

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