The Fall Five: Trends From LA Streets


I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and there is nothing like being away from home to make fashion for fall stand out. Sure, I know that trends often start on the runways of NY and migrate west as the temperature drops, but I’ve also noticed that local angelenos have some of the coolest flair of their own. Here are five ideas for fall outfits straight from the streets of LA!

5 LA Fall Fashion Items

1. Booties. Nothing says fall like boots! Last year buckles, straps, and floppy laces were stomping all over the place – this year, things are smoothing out. I’ve noticed that simply, clean, and classy is in – proper enough to wear to work! Love these from F21 for $39.80.

2. Long sweaters. Think a fitted blanket with sleeves and sides long enough to wrap around you – yes, you’ll never feel cozier. The key is to get the size right: while this isn’t a fit like scoring your little sister’s sweater, it isnt intended to be baggy. When not wrapped around your torso, it should hang long and lean. Try one on for $27.80 at F21!

3. Shift Dress. Not your grandma’s boxy cut – this form hugging yet structured shape will have you feeling sexy without suffocation. I love this one from Gap because it has pockets that zip!

4. Stripes. Keep it to just part of your outfit, but stripes of any color and combination are great for weekend brunches, casual afternoons, and a fun way to layer on warmth. Grab this one from Old Navy for $12.50.

5. Hats. Of all shapes and sizes – I LOVE these baseball caps from Jcrew. Only $39.50 and wearable to a game of any sort, weekend strolls in the park, and any time when your hair just isn’t doing what you want – this is my choice for a fall must-have.

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  1. Flirty Lingerie says

    I loved the shift dress but I realized when I clicked to go to the site I realilzed I had not been on a Gap site for what seems like years. I also want the baseball cap from J. Crew as it is not for any team or says anything. Cool!

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