L. L. Bean Gets a Modern Look

What: L. L. Bean, the clothing company known best for its monogrammed backpacks and outdoor-gear, is updating its look. Beginning in March, the company will introduce L. L. Bean Signature, a more modern collection featuring tailored linen blazers, buffalo plaid shirts, camp jackets, and madras shirtdresses with prices that are expected to be nearly the same as L. L. Bean’s traditional collections. 

What They Say:
“Chris Vickers, a vice president in charge of L. L. Bean Signature, said the prices have not been determined but that you can expect a woven shirt to cost $50 to $70 and a sport jacket about $200. The biggest difference from the classic sportswear will be a fit that is closer to the body.”

What We Say: Call it camping chic. As more companies enter the outerwear market, it makes sense that L. L. Bean would look to diversify its offerings with an updated collection. We just hope they don’t stray too far from the company’s traditional aesthetic. But $200 for a sport jacket may be a bit out of our range.

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