Yea or Nay: Kylie Minogue Swimwear Line for H&M

The latest entrant in the celebrity-turned-designer is breast cancer survivor and Chelsea boy favorite, Kylie Minogue. The Australian pop star is designing (ummm, yeah) the limited edition “H&M Loves Kylie” swimwear line for H&M that will be in stores in mid May.

H&M Loves Kylie Swimwear Line

From the press release:

This concise beachwear perfectly mirrors Kylie’s relaxed fun-loving demeanor, as well as her show-stopping stage persona in a line that unites simple throw- on casual with glistening glamour. Think shimmering silver bikinis, vibrant water-inspired aqua blue and green swirl-print towels, bags and sarongs as well as slip-on smock tops and billowy peasant skirts. In homage to beach living, the beachwear line is built around a swirling water-inspired aqua blue and green print, which appears on fluffy towels, crisp cotton-voile smock tops, the retro-cute halter neck bikini and costume as well as on a silk head scarf that doubles as a belt and a high-tech nylon beach bag that folds down into a smart silver wallet-shape.

While, I’m TIRED of the celebrity-turned-designer trend, for some reason this line is actually starting to grow on me like that one Kylie Minogue song they use in those Bally Fitness club commercials (“La, La, La… lalalaaala”).  I actually like Kylie’s style (or least what her stylist does with her) and I loved her bold battle with breast cancer. Furthermore, the price points of the line are great ($24.50 for a swimsuit, $19.90 for a sarong, etc) making it quite comparable to the highly touted Patrick Robinson swimwear line for Target’s Go International.  Plus 10% of the money spent on this beachwear line will be donated to WaterAid. The international charity WaterAid is dedicated to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world’s poorest people.

Yea or Nay: The H&M Loves Kylie Swimwear Line?


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  1. christal says

    I will give this one a yea only b/c I admire her strength and she is giving some (even though small) portion of the profits away.  And what she has on in the pic is cute.

  2. says

    A yay!  I like her music, am glad she kicked cancer (for now), and it’s somehow appropriate for an Australian star to help design a swimsuit line!  Who better?

  3. Michelle says

    I went to the web site to see the rest of the line, I like them although not for me.  I just got a new tankini… tie dyed, love it.  I have about 6 suits and dont need another now.  I like them though.

  4. says

    The swimsuits she’s designed look almost exactly like what she wears on tour!
    Silver lame’, bright colors, ect. ect….

    It’s all cute…and let’s be honest, with a body like that, how can you mess up a swimsuit?
    You put two bright colored triangles on a piece of string and WA-LA! A swimsuit.

    Nevertheless, I love it. I love her fight against breast cancer, I love the proceeds to the WaterAid (even thought it’s a little proceed), and I love Kylie….

  5. says

    The swimsuits look cute on Kylie, but I wonder if they will be better quality than the rest of H&M swimwear?  They’ve been made from very cheap, thin material in the past.

  6. Shan says

    I say yay first and foremost because it’s for a good cause.  Secondly, I’m not so tired of celebrity designed lines as long as they’re cute, and I also don’t really care if the celebrity designed them or someone else did, if they’re cute styles.  If I were a celebrity I’d design my own line too!  And it would be very cute indeed!!!

  7. says

    Yay.  I say yay because it’s for a good cause.  The swim wear is moderately priced, but the styles, to me, are bland.

    Love Kylie.

    Oh and I agree with you.  I HATE all the celebrity fashion lines.  UGH.

  8. Melissa says

    I love it just as I love Kylie I think she is a very strong and beautiful women.The price is great and the color & style so a big YEA!!! Good Job Kylie.

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