Kohls.com: Site Review

Oh, Kohl’s. We always have such high hopes for you, as you add designer lines (Vera Wang, Dana Buchman) and what should be fun and interesting brands and collections (Daisy Fuentes and Elle). And yet, we end up coming away either disappointed or with an overwhelming sense of “eh”. Still, we’ve seen glimpses of good stuff (shoes and handbags aren’t too bad, actually) and so we keep hoping. One way to keep tabs? Stop by Kohls.com and see what’s new—maybe online shopping is the way to go …

Our Review: Kohl’s site design leaves us feeling about the same way as the retailer in general—it’s not remarkable, but not exactly terrible either. All we really expect from a major mid-level retailer’s website is pretty much what we get here—highlighted daily sales and tabs for each major category (women’s, men’s, you know the drill). Sort by item, brand, sale, etc.

Daily deal items and frequent shipping deals (sometimes requiring a coupon code) add value to shopping online here—and you can sign up for e-mail alerts to have the latest deals sent directly to you—but what it boils down to is that the offerings are the same. We dig the Candies shoes and the Dana Buchman accessories, and it’s handy to be able to pick up kids’ clothing and household items while you shop for your summer handbag. But we can’t help but feel like the whole thing could just be better. Period.

The Verdict: Nay. Again, not terrible, but nothing interesting enough to make us clamor to shop here.

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  1. yujin07 says

    I ordered online for about 5 shirts because they had none my size at their physical store nearby. After researching them. I liked the styles even when I personally checked them out at the physical store. So gee! I ordered as many as I could. Then my order went through and a couple of days later it shipped. I tracked it because their email said it went through Fedex. BUT!!!! to my horror Fedex handed it to my local post office to deliver and so I had no way to track that one down so that I can pick it up personally (or ask them to hold it for me). All sorts of things vanish when the postal service delivers packages in my apartment complex. They just drop it off where the mailboxes are in full view by everyone. When I wasn’t there, guess what? I did not see the package at all and the postal delivery person said he delivered it after I asked their manager about it! My beef though is not so much with postal service because I already experienced their incompetence (at least where I live). But that why oh why does Kohl’s online store use a 2 company system for their delivery???

    I have never had this experience of my packages getting stolen or lost or what not when I order from any other online store including amazon and I order from them a lot like at least once a month or so. And they all either use UPS or Fedex and never a combination to deliver a package.

    I emailed Kohl’s online customer service and I told them my story and they were not really helpful but were sorta like… Oh, I’m so sorry you did not get you package, please shop with us again and visit our online store… In short they were of no help at all even when I let them know this was my first time ordering from them online and was pleading they don’t disappoint me. Nothikng! not even a voucher or discount for future merchandise at least 50% of what I lost, just to keep me as a customer. GEE! way to go Kohl’s.

    So to everyone. Buyer beware when shopping at Kohls online. They don’t give a hoot to their customers.

    • Angela says

      While we haven’t had this particular issue with Kohl’s we so feel your pain! I swear in the last year or so I’ve had more trouble with various stores delivering items 1) on time or 2) at all. And don’t get me started on PayPal. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like retailers are getting sloppier by the minute with how they handle shipping and online transactions … anyone else have thoughts on this topic??

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