Kohl’s and Britney Spears - Really?

What: As the new “face” of the Candie’s Only brand at Kohls, Britney will follow in the footsteps of Hilary Duff and Hayden Penettiere. We guess we’ll see the pop princess, who’s recently been on the rebound, all over the place now. Pepsi flashbacks. In return for the TV spots and soon-to-be ubiquitous ad campaign, Kohl’s and Candie’s will help sponsor Brit’s tour.

What Britney Says:

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  1. Wicked6 says

    This will work for people who A.Love Candies so much they can ignore Britney being the face for the brand or B. Love Britney so much they flock to Candies.

    I’m in the D. Category, none of the above.

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