Kmart Gets Preppy

What: Just in time for back to school, Kmart is taking its latest step in fashion forward retailing by debuting THRE3, a line of polo-inspired clothes for men, women, boys and girls designed by the United States Polo Association. The line, which features polo and rugby shirts, along with jeans, sweaters, and long-sleeve fleeces, is available in stores nationwide and online with prices ranging from $9.99 for graphic tees to $26.99 for bootleg jeans. 

What They Say:
“The THRE3 brand was designed to depict the authentic lifestyle concept of the sport of polo in the United States. It’s comfortable, casual, and accessible to everyone in the family. We believe the relationship with Kmart is a well-chosen step toward the long-range success of the THRE3 brand,” said Cliff Lelonek, President and CEO of U.S. Polo Assn. 

What We Say: Kmart may be a little late to the game when it comes to discount stores launching branded fashion lines, but they’re right in time for back to school shoppers. And with the recession in full effect

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