Because Free Doesn’t Always Mean Cheap: Kiplinger’s Awesome Fabulous Freebies 2012 List Is Now Available

As Jessie J asserts about twenty thousand times in her impossibly addictive song, it’s really not about the money (took us one heck of an effort not to burst out singing that line!). Not everything fab has to come with a price tag, and this is proven by Kiplinger‘s uber-nifty Fabulous Freebies list, which came out just this August.

Kipslinger Fabulous Freebies 2012 List

Now on its sixth year, this once-every-365-and-a-quarter-days super list boasts of more than 50 quality goods and services you would normally be happy to pay for, but won’t have to because life’s awesome like that.

The 2012 list has something for everyone: wi-fi, sports stuff, meals, tutoring, movies, health insurance–even flights! — all 100 percent gratis!

Check out the full list at Kiplinger.

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