The Style: That leaves the the handpicked, individualized styling of these shoes as the main draw of  Kim makes a great case for the individualized styling which is conducted by her team of stylists.  She enthuses: “It’s like walking into a high-end boutique where you actually get personalized recommendations, while getting a great value for beautiful shoes!”  While we disagree with the value claim, we do see some appeal in the notion of trying out shoes that someone else picks for you.  Often, we don’t know what looks good on us until someone else inspires us.

The Verdict:  Even though the monthly fee is only $39, a closer look at the main brand behind those shoes, however, leaves us wondering about the quality (down with pleather!) and overall value.

However, Kim’s enthusiasm for her stylist team’s desire to style you is appealing.  Kim implores, “We can’t wait to pick out shoes for you! It’s so much fun and what better way to feel fantastic about yourself than letting us pamper you?” That does sound fun… but is it worth potentially being stuck with low quality look-a-like shoes?