Gift Card Amnesiac? Try These Pay-Later Gift Cards from Kiind

what: Lifehacker recently discovered Kiind, a new service that lets you send a gift card without paying for it until the recipient uses it. We think this idea’s got legs.

What They Say:

The problem with gift cards is they’re too easy to forget to use, so that ends up being a waste of the sender’s money. Kiind solves this problem by letting you send a gift card without paying for it until the recipient uses it.


What We Say: Situation: It’s your second cousin’s birthday, and because you haven’t added him on Facebook yet, the birthday reminder didn’t conveniently pop out in your notifs. Rather than ‘fess up to a faux pas, a digital gift card sounds like the safest bet out there. But what if the guy doesn’t shop at Amazon and ends up not using the gift card? Does that mean you’ve wasted a perfectly $20 you could have spent on yourself?

That’s where Kiind comes in. Kiind lets you send a gift card over e-mail, and your card will only get charged if the card is used. Plus, you can put an expiry date on the gift card offer so that you won’t get a surprise charge on your card two years after you gifted out via Kiind.

Right now, Kiind has over 50 gift card vendors, including Amazon and Wine Enthusiast. We would love to see the marketplace vendors increase, and maybe add more fashion and beauty retailers, too!

Kiind has generally set its eyes on the big fishes like corporate events organizers and marketers, but they also have options for individuals (the 1-10 people campaign). The caveat here is that there’s a $0.49/gift card service fee. It’s not too bad, considering the amount you would have saved if your gift card does end up forgotten in your relative’s mailbox anyway.

Check out the story here.

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  1. Kiind says

    Thanks for writing this lovely article. We just wanted to point out that we actually have over 50 vendors, not 21. Many of of vendors are local only; you can find them by looking for a local gift and selecting the city of your choice.

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