Recycle Your Old Keyholder into a Necklace Holder

How many of us have fallen prey to organizational thingy-bobs, use them for a while, and then become, well, unorganized again? We’re thinking specifically about those little hooked key holders you nail to the wall next to your front or back door.

They’re supposed to make it convenient for you to walk into the house, hang up your keys, and then Ta Da! No more scurrying about the house, searching for keys when you’re already ten minutes late. It was a great idea when we first purchased it, unfortunately we didn’t take into account that our walls are plaster and there are apparently no studs near the door (except for the cute one waiting for us to find our keys!). We tried nailing the key holder despite the stud….let’s just say some plaster and paint later, and we won’t be trying that again.

Darn that key holder! What can we do with it now?

Enter lightbulb above the head, along with brilliant idea ….Jewelry holder! That’s right! If it can’t organize our keys, it can at least unclutter our necklaces! We had two key holders to recycle: the cute ceramic one pictured on the right (very heavy, left large chunk out of our wall) and the lighter, wood version (left) we purchased in hopes that this less-heavy model would do the trick (which it did, until we added the keychains and left yet another large chunk out of our wall).

The bedroom has plenty of studs…of course it does! And so finding a place to hang the new jewelery holders was a much easier task. Now the jewelery is organized, it provides a pleasant, feminine look to the room, and we’ve prevented that nagging feeling of having wasted money every time we walk through the front door, throwing our keys into a bowl, next to what was supposed to be the answer to all our late morning starts….

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