Keri Long Lasting Hand Cream with Vitamin E: Product Review

What: Robin plunks down $4.99 with hopes of salvaging her dry hands with Keri Long Lasting Hand Cream with Vitamin E.

The Lowdown: Truth be told, hand cream is not the sexiest thing on the market. It’s hand cream. Most of the time, you can even get by with a dollop of body lotion. But after my kids dragged me through a rough and tough winter chock full of the stomach flu, I literally feel like I scrubbed off my fingerprints I washed my hands so many times; honestly, what drew me to this modest looking bottle of cream is that it said it “Lasts Even After Multiple Hand-Washings.”  And after using this stuff for a while, I can honestly say it works. My hands still felt super soft even after I washed and wiped them thoroughly with a towel.

Yea or Nay: A definite yea. Keri is so very.

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  1. mina gayrod says

    I bought this stinky smelling cream at my local dollar tree. I hadnt seen this brand since back in the 80’s (I didnt even know it still existed). It wasnt used right away, but i needed something to take off my make-up and grabbed it. My hands get really dry during the winter as to where they crack and bleed. Doesn’t help i have a form of o.c.d since im a germaphobic, so my hands look like a 100 yr olds, from all the washing. I used this cream on my hands and all i can say is “wow!” I dont even mind it’s smell. It helps soothe the dryness, the pain from the open cracks, and softens the tightness i feel after i’ve washed my hands. I hope i can get my hands on some more tubes of keri… especially@$1.00.

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