Kelly Killoren Bensimon Launches A Jewelry Line?

Next to Nene and Caroline, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, is our favorite kooky Real Housewife. Who could forget her disjointed argument in the bar with fellow NYC Housewife, Bethenny Frankel or the cameras following her as she takes her morning jog down the center of 5th Avenue? Classic…

Well, the model-author-mom is adding “jewelry designer” to the many things she does with a line of Navaho & Snake inspired pieces currently being sold at New York’s Intermix as well as on the store’s website,


While the line isn’t budget friendly (unless you consider a $515 crystal cuff budget), the collection does offer some affordable options- like this Crystal Double Head Snake Ring, that looks like it is made of sapphires and emerald, but for a lunch skipping $88, is made of crystals.

Verdict: Maybe. Our advice? She might want to rethink the price points.

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  1. Serena says

    Seriously, that cuff bracelet is nothing original.  So many fashion jewelry designers have done a version of that over the years.  Why they are charging over $500 for that is beyond me!  I guess I’m spoiled because I’ve been exposed to Heidi Daus jewelry, whose pieces do actually look like $500!  Truly gorgeous stuff that puts everyone else to shame – honestly!

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