Keeping a Gardening Journal: Budget Gardening Tip

A garden journal includes important information to help you get the most from your gardening efforts. It’s your single best source of growing and gardening tips for next year.

First, decide what medium to use. Find a notebook or binder that strikes your fancy, or go paperless and use a computer document or start a blog. Begin by recording your garden design plan and plant choices for this season. Leave plenty of room for data and observations you’ll make. Also save space for before and after photos if you wish. You might also want to record:

· Your gardening plan
· Types and varieties of plants
· Planting dates
· Your zone’s first and last freeze and frost dates
· Seed-starting dates and other information
· Dates of harvest
· Pests encountered in your garden (when and where)
· Treatments used, including pesticides and fertilizers
· Costs incurred
· Plant performance (including notes on which plants you do and do not wish to grow again)
· Recipes used from your harvest
· Notes on how any plants or fruits/vegetables were preserved (dried, canned, etc.)
· Any other observations you wish to remember.

Lowes offers free downloadable garden journal pages. These pages can be printed out and will fit into a three-ring binder.

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