Katie Holmes: Look for Less


Katie Holmes’ new short ‘do has captured all the media attention lately (and it is pretty darn cute) but we’re still sort of increasingly enamoured with her style—she seems to always hit the right balance of ease and chic. This look caught our attention mostly for the high-waisted wide-leg pant, which takes the jeans-and-t-shirt combo to the next level. We’ve put some budget pieces together so you can look this good running around town, but one note: finding a navy short sleeve cardigan on the cheap turned out to be harder than getting Suri off the bottle, so we’ve substituted classic black. If anyone has a lead on the navy cardigan for less, we’re all ears . . .

High Waist Wide Leg Jeans, $34, Newport News

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  1. MariTF says

    The only blue cardigan I found was by Kensie Girl, but it was $58! Not exactly the best bargain so I think I would stick with the black as well. I also must say that Im glad skinny jeans are stepping aside for wide-leg!

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