Kathy Hilton’s New Beauty Line on HSN: Shoptalk Podcast


Shoptalk is back for another fun-filled season!  In our second season premiere, I chat with the fabulous Kathy Hilton, mother to the infamous Paris and Nikki Hilton, about her new beauty line on HSN.  This woman shows that no matter your age, you can still “drop it like it’s hot”.

Mrs. Hilton (cause she’s just the type of person you don’t call Kathy) partnered with the exclusive Swedish spa Transvital to produce her line of beauty products. The products are truly fabulous ( I tried them) and cost less than $25- significantly less than other products by Transvital

Click the link above to listen and then watch Mrs. Hilton in action on YouTube.

P.S. We didn’t talk about Paris because the interview was about Mrs. Hilton, I leave that to my gossip blogger friends. Any comments about Paris will be deleted.

Interview with Kathy Hilton

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