Kathryn & The Crazy Saks Fifth Avenue Sale: The Wall Street Journal


What: Yours truly is quoted in a front page story in the Wall Street Journal regarding the crazy Saks Fifth Avenue sale in December.

From Rachel Dodes at Wall Street Journal:
“When Saks Fifth Avenue slashed prices by 70% on designer clothes before the holiday season even began, shoppers stampeded. “It was like the running of the bulls,” says Kathryn Finney, who says she was knocked to the floor in New York’s flagship store by someone lunging for a pair of $535 Manolo Blahnik shoes going for $160.”

What I say: It was the craziest shopping experience of my life. Seriously…. Normally rational people lost their minds and it was fun to watch the normally snooty Saks shoe sales people scramble to keep up with the mess that was created by the stampede of shoppers. The sales floor looked like DSW on a weekend.

It’s interesting to note, last week I saw leftover items from the main store sale at the Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet in Bergen County and they had raised the prices back to the normal Saks sale/clearance level. (click here to read about the difference between a sale and clearance).

And to the women who knocked me to the floor…. I am not hating…

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  1. dollilou says

    I read this in the WSJ, and I was so proud!  I thought, “I know her!”  Well…I don’t really, but you know what I mean.

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