The Budget Fashionista in the News

I tend to keep the blog free of all the media stuff I do (I post those sort of things on my personal site, but since the “fashionista-is-out-of-the-bag”, I thought I would share with you the fabulous write up about me in this past Sunday’s Daily News. I had no clue that the spread was going to be as big as it was (a two page spread).

Some answers to some of the questions I’ve received:

1. Yes, that is my bedroom and yes that is my real hair (but I reserve the right to “weave-it-up” at any time.

2. The bedspread was purchased from Dillards in Santa Fe, New Mexico on sale for $99. I had no clue how hard it was to find colorful and vibrant bedding for under $100 (which is why I started the new blog, Budget Casa)

3. The red boots was purchased during Nordstrom’s last shoe sale for $65, down from $350. They make me feel like Superwoman.

4. The lamp was purchased at Marshalls/Home Goods for $39.99 and it’s sitting on a table from Target ($14.99).

5. The necklace is made from sterling silver and even though it was technically a bargain (I spent an hour negotiating the guy down from $1300 to $300 for the set with bracelet and earrings to match), it was still expensive. However, I figure you can aways sell precious metals like silver and gold if you need money, making it a much better investment than say a pair of designer shoes.

6. Yes, that is an Old Navy The Budget Fashionista in the News bag in the corner. Represent!

7. My trusty black Mac is actually a refurbished trusty black Mac. The refurbished Macs come with the same warranty as the brand new ones AND cost about $500 less.

I would also like to thank all my blogging/fashion peeps from Fashion Week Daily to ShinyStyle and everyone in between, who wrote follow up posts on the article. It’s one thing to have love from others, it’s another thing to have the respect and love of your fellow bloggers.

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