Kathryn Finney Goes Hunting for Designer Deals in Chicago

What: Kathryn Finney goes designer deal hunting with Chicago Tribune’s shopping columnist Ellen Warren on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile.

What Chicago Tribune says: The tri-level Forever 21 is a vast palace of budget fashion on Chicago’s Mag Mile and a Kathryn must-see. I turned my back for just a second and she’d bolted — for the giant first-floor accessories department.


By the time I caught up, she had a death grip on a pair of bright beaded bangles ($5.80 each). “Accessories at Forever 21 are hands-down amazing,” she said — especially the jewelry and extra especially the earrings.”

What We Say: Of course, seeing Kathryn in action is a delight to behold. Her uncanny talent for finding the best deals in fashion is just amazing. And this year, Kathryn has decided not to buy anything that’s black. So it’s going be all color for her. According to the Chicago Tribune article mentioned above, Kathryn’s tip for those who are afraid of color is to find an online color wheel to learn what colors work together.

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