New Celebrity (uhhh) Fashion Line: Katherine Heigl to Design Line of Scrubs

Katherine Heigl, star of Grey’s Anatomy and the hit movie “Knocked Up”  has teamed up with Peaches Uniforms to design a new line of health care uniforms that will debut in retail stores this coming Fall.


The Katherine Heigl collection will bring a new level of style and sophistication to medical professionals who value looking good as much as they value their life’s work.

Next up, Marge Simpson to design a line of hair products for women with big hair to coincide with the release of the Simpson’s Movie.

thanks to styledash for the tip.

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  1. Judy says

    Katherine Heigl is a very talented actress but I think she may be believing too much of her own press.  I guess since she didn’t win her latest salary negotiation she has had to turn to endorsements to make additional $$$.  Sigh…I sooo wish that celebrities would stick to their craft.

    Can Paris Hilton’s designer line of prison uniforms be far behind?

    However, I HAVE always wondered who designs the men of Grey’s Anatomy scrub headgear…those are really cool.

  2. says

    Yeah, I don’t know about this. Though she’s on Grey’s, it still seems a bit far-fetched for her to be involved in this type of celeb fashion line. But you never know maybe she’ll come up with a stylish new way to dress in the medical environment.

  3. Rachel says

    I would be interested to see what it looks like. I mean not that scrubs can be sexy. I still think its madness that the stars think they can design all clothes willy nilly as they please.

  4. says

    I actually got to preview this line at a recent nursing event and was dismayed by the junior cut of the scrubs, especially the pants.  The average age of nurses in the US is 43 and the vast majority of us do not want to wear low rise, narrow hip scrub bottoms.  While the non-licensed personnel might be in a younger demographic and like the cut of these scrubs better, most of them don’t make the money to be able to afford pricier uniforms.  And, yes, Peaches has priced the Heigl line higher than their other scrubs.  The Peaches rep really got an earful from those of us in attendance.  Other things we mentioned were the oxymoronic long sleeves with deeply V cut neckline, the extremely tight fit of the tees (even the small busted attendees thought they were too form-fitting), and shallow pockets.

  5. martie says

    My only question, WHY?
    Scrubs are scrubs, they’re functional.  I like them that way.  I don’t want them to be stylish or sexy.  We’re at work.  Not on a set.

  6. Sasha says

    Actually, I think this is a good idea.  A lot of scrubs have crappy, boxy cuts.  Why should scrubs only be geared towards middle aged women?

  7. says

    It’s like Kim Cattrall writing expertly about sex because she played the TV role of a sex-goddess.

    Or Felicity Huffman suddenly being an expert on dating because she was on Desperate Housewives.

    Or what’s-her-name from The Bachelorette writing about dating because her TV spot made her an “expert.”

    I wonder when Sandra Oh will write a book about surgical procedures.

  8. says

    Sasha, there are MANY lines of scrubs geared toward non-middle aged women: FX by Landau, Baby Phat by LA Rose, the majority of the Dickies’ lines, Urbane Scrubs (another Landau brand), and all of the new Cherokee lines.  These are all “non boxy” and junior cut.  What there is not on the market at present is a decent selection of well-fitting scrubs for those of us who are not junior sized.  The Heigl line is Peaches’ way of jumping on the junior bandwagon; too bad they—and many others—have not seen fit to revamp their misses’ line. 

    And, by the way, since the majority of LPNs and RNs in this country ARE middle-aged women, the majority of the market should, indeed, be targeted at middle-aged women.  Instead, we are grossly underserved.

  9. Snjnhj says

    Ummmm, not only nurses wear scrubs, doctors do too. And since there are plenty of female doctors and they do make a good deal of money, this makes sense to me.

  10. heidi says

    did anyone remember CNA’s?  CNA’s wear scrubs as well and there are alot of people 16 years and up who are cna’s and they are certantly not middle aged women. Scrubs should be made for all types not just middle aged women you dont need to have “RN” or “LPN” behind your name just to wear scrubs.

  11. Candy Wrappers says

    New celebrities have changed the US market not only they have stunned with the acting but their look also had been tremendous.lets only take the Katherine Heigl.The Katherine Heigl collection will bring a new level of style and sophistication to medical professionals who value looking good as much as they value their life’s work.

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