An Emergency Yea or Nay: Kate Moss at Topshop


This is what happens when you design clothing while on crack. 

Yesterday, Kate Moss modeled this dress from her collection at Topshop in the windows of it’s flagship store in London.

This dress has to be the “fugliest” thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Worst than the denim skirtall. I’m sure Vivienne Westwood is curled up in a ball somewhere, crying herself to sleep over this ugly dress. The Queen is probably considering abdicating her crown and moving to a nice condo in Boca Raton, FL over this dress.  No wonder Posh and Becks moved to LA.

I feel ill.

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  1. Michelle says

    I wouldnt buy it or wear it if it were given to me however, I do not think it is “all that” bad.

  2. Jenny says

    That dress looks like it would only be flattering on a small percentage of the population. (like….01%)

  3. emily says

    I don’t think it’s fair for you to use that image on the left.

    Whatever happened to good old fashioned manners?

  4. Erin says

    I really don’t understand what you think is so awful about the dress.  It’s not the most amazing piece of clothing I’ve ever seen, but it’s not bad.

  5. Marcie says

    How do you make a supermodel look fat? This is how. My eyes just go straight to how the dress gets shiny over the belly.

  6. says

    TBF, I think this is a perfect example of your frustration with budget lines by celebrities vs. real designers (the latter being preferable).

    Kate Moss’s ‘designs’ are nothing but near-carbon copies of outfits (designed by someone else) that she has worn over the years. As a reflection of her personal style, they work. But on their design/originality merits, I’m not sure they’re worth the fuss.

  7. Alex says

    Hate it…all of it.  What a waste of material and effort.  And I loved Topshop when I was in London.  Oh well!

  8. Rachel says

    Why Kate Moss continues to have modeling and business opportunities flung into her path is quite beyond me. She has been known for exactly two things: (1) being a so-so model and (2) being an unapologetic crackhead.

    I say, give Kate Moss the only thing she truly deserves: irrelevance.

  9. christal says

    Ok, they sent you those two pics?  Are they mad at her or something?  The dress is ugly beyond words.  And yes, it does look like a 80’s styled bridesmaids dress.  And even then, it would have been ugly.  No model in the world can make that dress cute.

  10. suz says

    I think the dress is hideous. But I don’t for a moment think that Kate Moss designed it. Agreed to promote it in exchange for money, yes. Maybe inspired it by something she’d been photographed in, sure. But designed it? No.

  11. Fiona says

    I haven’t been to Top Shop for years because their clothes got worse, cheaper and more poorly made in quality. This dress isn’t that bad although it looks worse on Kate Moss. Someone looking for an evening dress wouldn’t be going to Top Shop though.

  12. mel says

    I wouldnt wear it and I cant imagine who would but i guess if you need a gown its ok.  I wouldnt say ugly.  I think these celebs should stick to basics when they guest design for these lines. 
    Ive never been to Topshop but if its like an h & m , who is shopping there for a gown ? And it probably looks best in a size 2, so that wipes the vast majority of the population.

  13. PG7 says

    Not a flattering dress at all and I wouldn’t wear it b/c I’m sure it wouldn’t flatter me, and I AM a size 2!

    So how come these celebrities (and their people) don’t take the hint and STOP trying to come out with clothing lines (AND perfumes) when the population is saying they don’t like it??!!

  14. says

    I stand by my bridesmaid comment from earlier, and after having looked at more of the collection online, I don’t see anything that would look good on a woman with curves.  Then again, what supermodel would have much idea of how to design for real women’s bodies?

  15. Julie says

    She really should just stick to modeling. But I still love her anyways. Its just amazing that in an industry when 20 year olds are over the hill, this woman who is in her mid 30s is still out there walking the catwalk and landing contracts.

  16. LouLou says

    To be honest I don’t see too much wrong with the dress – it isn’t my taste but it isn’t that bad – look at you average award ceremony and you’ll see a lot worse for much more money. The majority of the collection doesn’t appeal to me because I don’t go for the hotpants waistcoat look which Kate is so famous for in the UK. The button vests though are really nice long and good quality – I bought two – Life would be rubbish if we all liked the same stuff!

  17. B. says

    Ditto to Siempre Libera and Rocki White.  Her collection wasn’t my personal taste, but it certainly was Kate Moss’.  It looked exactly like outfits she has worn in the past.  I looked over the rest of the images from Catwalk Queen, and I’m convinced that people need to look before they leap.  The shorts and vest ensemble was awful, and the halter minidress looked like it was made of paper the fabric was so cheap. Did anyone else notice that the sequined minidress costs 120 pounds!  Not exactly budget fashion.  That’s around $200.

  18. says

    It isn’t the most flattering of dresses, nor does it work with most body types, but besides that I wasn’t too appalled with Kate Moss’ dress.  In truth, I am much more terrified of the high waisted pants that i have written about on my blog.  Please tell me this is a trend that will die soon!

  19. Carie says

    Did someone say Prom dress gone horribly wrong!!!
    This dress doesn’t even look good on Kate Moss.

  20. says

    Something about that dress screams “bad bridesmaid” to me—I think it has to do with the color and ruffly sleeves.  And yeah, if it does that to the model, whose ribs we could probably count, I wouldn’t like to see its effect on *my* midsection.

  21. says

    That dress is awful because of the denim train. However, I looked at Kate’s collection at TopShop’s website and I think it is nice. It isn’t anything new or awe-inspiring, but just very simple Kate Moss-esque styled clothes. I like the V-neck tunic-y tops only because they flatter me. I don’t think people need to be killing each other to grab up her clothes, though.

    Now is TopShop the equivalent of Forever 21 or H&M or something more upscale like Macy’s?

  22. TBF says


    I’m not making fun of the person in the picture, who by the way has a fab figure. If it looks like S**T on her, I can only imagine what it would like on me. In fact, our friends at catwalkqueen, sent several emails out to fellow bloggers regarding their live blogging of the launch (which we linked to yesterday) and asking us to post back. This is the picture they used (with the two pictures joined together)

    While I love my peeps at catwalk queen- I hate this dress. From the coloring to the material to the cut.

  23. Alexzandra says

    It’s just funny, because the dress doesn’t look all that bad on Kate either. Perhaps it just requires a belt, a size zero frame, and some coke.

  24. says

    going against the grain, but I do really like that dress.
    but i don’t really agree w/ kate getting so much credit. they are replicas of things designed by someone else.

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