Kate Moss for TopShop at Barneys Tomorrow

Kate Moss’s line for Topshop will be in local Barneys nationwide starting tomorrow. The line has a mid-level price range of $20 to $300. Horrible red dresses aside, the line is selling well in the UK and some of the pieces, like the above dress and some of the tailored trousers are actually pretty stylish. However, if you wear a size 10 or large, stay at home. There’s nothing there for the big girls.  Regardless, I’m still a fan of Kate Moss (even though the Queen really needs to have a chat with her regarding that fugly red dress).


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  1. lisa says

    i went to barneys.com at 9:00 AM and there was too much traffic and I could not get to the kate moss stuff. then I finally got there and everything was temporarily sold out. i’m starting to think it’s not even worth it to check back later. i checked out the line at the topshop site and was not too thrilled. i think its crap that there is not even a size 10!

  2. Stephanie says

    Not even a size 10. This really bothers me.  Not just because of this line,  but in general.  It seems almost impossible to find cool clothes if you are a size 14.  A lot of store stop at a size 12 or 14.  and plus sizes while they start at a size 14 or 16, are cut way bigger than their counterparts.  There seems to be this limbo where you are to fat to be normal but not fat enough to be a plus size.

  3. rosarita says

    Ooh, so true. I recall when that *limbo* Stephanie speaks of was at a size 18.  That area gets smaller all the time – and most of the population continues to get bigger…

  4. OCAKA says

    The limbo thing, I think, really affects people who like “contemporary” styled clothes, e.g. the ladies who do the cute top/jeans thing. I’m over 35 and am a classic/Park Avenue Princess type.

    The only contemporary lines that I like are stuff like Diane Von Furstenberg (wrap dresses) and Tory Burch.

  5. Monica says

    Stephanie I totally agree with you on that “limbo” size thing. I went through it when I was a size 14. Nothing at the regular department stores fit and when I went to Lane Bryant nothing there fit as well. Everything was too big! I felt terrible.

  6. Lila says

    The size thing is interesting. A size 10 is pretty big. Is it the responsibility of fashion designers to up their sizes as America gets fatter? Remember, a size 10 now would have been a size 14 back in the 50’s. Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about vanity sizing and start thinking about what we’re eating.

  7. Tk says

    … this is old, but “a size 10 is pretty big”? I wear a size ten/twelve, and my BMI is right in the healthy range. I look great in my clothes, I exercise regularly, I eat healthy meals, I rarely drink. I feel 10x better and get way more compliments as a twelve than I did as a two.

    What crazy fashion magazine world of pre-teens and eating disorders are you living in when a ten seems “pretty big”? Marilyn Monroe wore one of those 50’s size 14s/today’s size 10’s and no one in their right mind thinks she was fat.

  8. vicki says

    Kate’s stuff is so hot!
    Also check out Lipstick Queen while your in there
    It’s on Barneys.com too

    and lipstickqueen.com

    Great great stuff!

  9. Stella says

    I did not rush out to buy this line, but I was shopping a FABULOUS sale at my local Barney’s, and I found a very cute Kate Moss for Topshop tank – for $9! Versatile, fit great, extraordinary sale – I went for it! I am happy with it – although the few buttons at the top seem low quality and often unbutton, even when I’m not wearing it.

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