Kate Bosworth Sings for Topshop This Holiday, Sells You What She’s Wearing, Too

If I had an article of clothing for each time I saw a music video and thought “I want that outfit,” I’d have a fantastic and full closet. Apparently, I’m not alone: world-wide retailer TopShop just released a music film titled “Winter Wonderland,” featuring actress Kate Bosworth (you know her from the surf movie, Blue Crush) wearing an outfit and make up that you can buy straight from the TopShop’s website. Perfect timing for my fellow Los Angeles shoppers, as TopShop plans to open shop in Los Angeles in February, 2013. I can’t think of a better way for TopShop’s grand entrance – welcome to LA!

You can soon buy Kate’s complete outfit at www.topshop.com. Her make up is also available for purchase, and ranges from $8-$32. It can be found here.

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