Karl Lagerfeld to Premier Affordable Handbag Line

What: Karl Lagerfeld joins with Accessory Network Group to produce a line of “affordable” accessories. By “affordable”, I mean one line in the $1000 price range and in the other line in the $350-$800 price range, which is like sooo cheap!

What the fashion heads say: From WWD:

“The bags are expected to bow at high-end department stores and top specialty stores throughout the country and will reach consumers on a broader level than the upscale brands for which he is best known.”

What I say: Karl Lagerfeld may not like fat people, poor people, small children, and people who wear polyester, but he sure does love their money.

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  1. says

    Maybe it is just mea, but I find this guy to be scary looking. I’m not sure I would want to buy anything with his picture on the advertisement! Plus, if he is so disapproving of all but a narrow slice of the market(as I have heard), why would I want to encourage him in prospering by giving him my hard-earned money?

  2. Carla says

    Some people are still living in a dreamworld if they think $350-800 is affordable.  It doesn’t have to be $19.95, but what about something in the middle?

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