The Bridge is (ALL) Over: Karl Lagerfeld’s new Signature Line

According to Hip-Hop legend KRS-One “The Bridge is Over”. Well,  that might be true for rappers from Queens, but not for famous fashion designers. The fashion world has their La Perla’s in a bunch over the launch of Karl “the incredible shrinking designer” Lagerfeld’s new signature line. Laggy will join an expanding community of fellow high-end designers like Marky Marc (Marc Jacobs) and R-Rock (Ralph Lauren),  who have found fame and money in developing bridge lines. The line, which is considered mid-priced (crazy talk), features dresses, jeans and T shirts from $95 on up. Find the line at your local Needless Mark-Up (aka Neiman Marcus) or online at on March 17th and March 18th.

P.S. Betcha five bucks he shows up on Oprah by the end of this month.

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