Beliebers’ Scoop of Justin Bieber’s Nail Polish Line

What: Justin Bieber’s nail polish line, which debuted this holiday season at 3,000 local Wal-Marts, flew off the shelves of the store, causing a frenzy as Belieber’s flooded the store’s helpline trying to score a bottle of the nail polish. The “One Less Lonely Girl” line, a partnership with the Nicole by OPI nail lacquer, comes in colors named after titles of the teen star’s songs (My Lifesaver, “Baby” Blue, One Time Lime, I’m A Belieber, Red-y to Runaway Love?, Make U Smile, I’ve Got Bieber Fever, and Not A Gold Bigger.). An expanded version of the line is set to hit Target and Ulta this February.

Toronto Sun:

The Canadian pop star’s glittery varnish collection was stocked on the shelves of 3,000 Wal-Mart stores in time for the Christmas holiday, and every bottle of the must-have item sold out.

What We Say: This makes us long for the days of crazed parents fighting over cabbage patch dolls and tickle me Elmos. We would love to interview the person who made the connection between “nail polish” and “Justin Bieber”. That person is perhaps the most brilliant marketing person, like, ever. However, if Bieber comes out with a line of tampons we’re going to join a monastery.

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