Just My Size Blogger Symposium

Who: Just My Size, the number one plus size brand in the US invited TBF to chat with their design and marketing teams for a blogger symposium.

What They Say: JMS wanted to create a forum to share ideas and generate dialogue in the plus-size community with a focus on the impact of plus size fashion in the fashion world, plus size women designing clothes for plus size women, and fashion forward vs. fashion affordable.

What We Say: When it comes to plus size clothing very few brands get it right. It’s amazing how people don’t want to take the time to understand the full figured woman and what she wants to look like in her clothes. Most brands design with their own idea of what a plus size woman should look like and many times they have her covered up and looking like an old maid. When Just My Size reached out to the blogging community to find out how they could improve upon plus size fashion by utilizing social media, we were all ears.

JMS has tweaked certain areas of their brand to make sure that they were pleasing their core customer as well as drawing in a more fashion forward plus size woman. One of the updates they made was creating a more fashion forward line called Evolution, which was released in Walmart stores this past August (You didn’t hear? Us either — we were a little surprised about the lack of promotion). They’ve also made some changes to their classic jeans by adding a tummy panel to create comfort and eliminate that awful looking muffin top. We liked that JMS uses a size 20 fit model when many plus size lines are still using size 14’s. Since there are a myriad of brands that cater to the size 14 woman, JMS purposely starts their sizes at a 16.

To make sure that they are designing pieces that are on trend their design team creates an inspiration board that assists them in choosing which colors, fabrics, and looks they will offer for the following season. It was no surprise to see that the major looks they will be incorporating are the famed military and lace looks that have been popular for the past 2 years. We did like that they were inspired by old Hollywood glam and even a popular French plus size blogger. As for social media, they’re planning to sign up for Twitter, utilize their Facebook fan page to offer special giveaways, and Q&A’s with their customers. To us, it looks like the brand is sincerely trying to make fashion better for plus size women as well as comfortable — their efforts were definitely evident during their fashion show at the Hanes studio in NYC. The brand showed promise when they sent trendy bohemian style tops and maxi dresses down the runway. We liked that some of the runway looks included a velvet button up, draped trousers, and boyfriend jeans. We just wished they offered more contemporary styles to draw in the appeal of that fashion forward woman they spoke about. We do applaud them for their goal to make stylish plus size clothes.

Checkout a few of their looks.

Please note for attending the symposium that I received 2 outfits from JMS a $250 stipend for expenses, and a Walmart gift card.

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