Junk Fashion: Recycle This

Oh, Portland we can’t stop thinking about you for long. You bring us so many beautiful green things and now we’ve found another one that is so awesome we once again fantasize about relocating to the great northwest. While browsing the Mr. T approved site on sustainability, 1 Thing Portland, we discovered an event that we had to miss, but would love to emulate – The Junk to Funk Fashion Show.

Yes, it is as it sounds. Professionals and amateurs dig through the heap and create beautiful, runway-ready couture. The winners of cash money in this show are judged on “creative reuse and sustainable fashion solutions in an eclectic, inspiring and humorous production.”

If you’re in Portland, see what you can do to get involved in the next Junk to Funk show. Or if you have a holiday event coming that hasn’t been cancelled due to the economic crash – hire these folks to put on trashion show for your party. The rest of us can have our own Project Runway challenge in our living room, community center or local bar. We’re so inspired we’re digging through our neighbor’s recycling bin right now.

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