4th of July: What to Wear without Wearing the Flag


We all want to be festive on the 4th of July, but after a certain age the idea of wearing a flag on our shirts (or making it in to shorts) no longer appeals. Here are four ways to deck out your look for the 4th without wearing a flag!

1. Stripes: Evoke notions of the flag. Express your patriotism by wearing these striped sandals – just $13.00 from Old Navy. Or, opt for a tee-dress and go blue and striped for $24.94.

2. Stars: Keep it classy and reminisce by going stunning in stars. Cute, comfy, and ideal for the 4th, try on Gap’s star-spangled v-neck ($22.95).

3. Accessories: Think necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and hair ties. Check out etsy for one of a kind crafts and pieces to accompany your look.

4. Outfits: Gotta love the dresses, shorts, and jackets that remind you of the flag but just quite aren’t. Get ideas for your top and bottom by checking out other peoples’ ideas on Pinterest. This maxi dress is a favorite!

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