TBF Fashion Newsletter: Where Has All the Effort in Fashion Gone?

Could someone kindly explain to us when it became acceptable for teenage girls to walk out of the house wearing their pajama bottoms instead of pants? And no we don’t just mean to go to fetch the mail or take out the garbage. We mean, really wear them…. out.  Now, call me a fashion prude if you must, but I knew this would happen the moment teenage-aimed labels like Juicy Couture started glamorizing the concept of wearing sweatpants instead of pants or jeans. Somehow, because the sweatpants were often matched with a hoodie, which paired together made them a “tracksuit,” this constituted an outfit. And let us not forget, the fact that the word “Juicy” was emblazoned across the rear ends of these young girls (how lovely) meant this constituted high fashion.  This was a few seasons ago and somehow that dreadful trend has morphed into what we consider the ultimate fashion don’t: A complete lack of effort.

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