TBF Fashion Newsletter: Where Has All the Effort in Fashion Gone?

Could someone kindly explain to us when it became acceptable for teenage girls to walk out of the house wearing their pajama bottoms instead of pants? And no we don’t just mean to go to fetch the mail or take out the garbage. We mean, really wear them…. out.  Now, call me a fashion prude if you must, but I knew this would happen the moment teenage-aimed labels like Juicy Couture started glamorizing the concept of wearing sweatpants instead of pants or jeans. Somehow, because the sweatpants were often matched with a hoodie, which paired together made them a “tracksuit,” this constituted an outfit. And let us not forget, the fact that the word “Juicy” was emblazoned across the rear ends of these young girls (how lovely) meant this constituted high fashion.  This was a few seasons ago and somehow that dreadful trend has morphed into what we consider the ultimate fashion don’t: A complete lack of effort.

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  1. Noki says


    Before I was pregnant I wouldn’t even wear sweats out of my house.  There is no way I would go out in pajama bottoms with words on the seat.

    I’ve thought that reading material on one’s bum was a bad idea since they started doing it. 

    Its only a few notches above “tramp stamps”.

  2. Mocha Mammi says

    How do I become a card carrying member of the APPL (Anti PJ as Pants League)?!!  The wearing of bedclothes outside the house is a BIG FAT NO-NO!!  How classless and tacky can this be?  These children look ridiculous!  First, how can one even begin to think it

  3. TBF says

    Nothing wrong about being comfortable.. however, wearing your “draws” out is just not cute.. You can be just as comfortable in track suit or knit set… Also I can’t stand the writing across the butt. There’s no logical reason to have a whole thesis statement on your bottom. I admit, we use to do that in high school and my mom would cringe…

  4. says

    I started seeing this when I was a freshman in college. I commuted to class from home, so I guess I had a reason to get up and put some real clothes on, but everyone in my 8 a.m. history class looked they just dragged themselves out of bed. Nasty p.j. pants and sweats…and honestly, I could smell some of them, too.

    Now if I could wake up, get dressed and drive 45 minutes to class, surely the rest of these people could take 5 minutes to put on some acceptable clothes and a swipe of deoderant, no?

  5. Rachel says

    The trend hit missouri in 2001 and I noticed it in all the kids I went to school with. Since then as I’ve been informed by my litte sister it is actually in the school dress code that pajama pants are not “proper” attire for school and will not be worn. Since when do people need to be reminded not to go out in their jammies?? There’s a difference between being comfortable a lazy and I think rolling out of bed and continuing the day in your pajama pants is lazy. Comfotable could be your fav pair of jeans and a tee shirt. I want to be part of the anti-jammie movement too!

  6. christie says

    Another weigh in from a Missourian:

    I have seen teenage girls not only in their PJ bottoms, but also in fuzzy slippers for Pete’s Sakes!  This first time was a the nail salon, and I thought it was strange, but then again, she was with her mother.  Maybe her mom drug her out of bed to come with her (and yes the firl was getting a manicure, go figure)

    NOw it see it quite often at WalMart.  Oh please, some people think that everyone who shops at WalMart is poor trash, do we need to reinforce that stereotype?

    Big nay from me.

  7. Kerry says

    Argh! My roommate does this all the time and it drives me crazy! Its one thing to do it on a college campus but she’ll wear them out in LA…in public. I sometimes even tell her to put on jeans before we go to shopping downtown or to the grocery store. Hopefully it is just a trend in passing that will expire soon (like Uggs).

  8. Kian Yamaguchi says

    Thank God I’m not the only one who loathes this trend. I see this daily when I drop my teenage sons off at school.

    Then again I see this daily when I am at the grocery store, or the mall…. and there, it’s *not* on the teens, but grown women.


  9. Ennlowe says

    I really think it depends on HOW it’s put together, and just how MUCH the bottoms look like pajamas. The picture above looks sporty rather than sloppy, so a person can wear this trend if it’s done PROPERLY. People can look just as bad (if not worse)in their “comfy” T-shirt & jeans if the outfit is not well put-together.

  10. Kari says

    The PJ look has been huge here in the midwest since I was in high school (five years ago). At first I thought it was cute and really comfy. But the past couple years people seem to look more and more run down. Just today I saw some girls who LITERALLY looked like they woke up 5 minutes ago. It was horrendous. I guess it’s just a matter of not taking it too far.

  11. Marcie says

    That trend’s been going on in my part of California for a few years, too. I’m curious to know what teenage GUYS think of it since I know teenage girls don’t give a rat’s butt what I think.

    Then the other day I was in a diner at about 9 AM, and the people across from me… she was business-casual like she was headed for work, and he was in a t-shirt, pajama pants and Ugg-type slippers. It totally looked like he was going to finish his meal, go home and go back to bed. Maybe he was, but I wondered if that’s what he really wears to bed, and then I realized maybe I should be grateful he was in any kind of pants at all.

  12. Bethany says

    “Tramp Stamp”.. HAHA, That is funny!
    I think this trend cycles. No one in my high school had any clue about fashion, but in college, 95-98 it was the cool thing to wear. It seemed almost like someone had dicsovered those cute cotton pj’s and decided that they were so cute that they wanted to wear them everywhere. I tried, at that point I was in the beginning of learning my fashion identity, but I couldn’t get past the feeling that I was wearing my pajamas.

  13. Stacy says

    That trend of wearing PJ pants out of the house was big in ‘94-95 when I was in highschool. I never understood it and I still don’t. When I saw Juicy rolling out that look again I was just aghast. Whoever had the idea of saying flannel and terry cloth was fashionable for everyday wear outside the house is out of their mind. It’s not fashionable, it’s sloppy.

  14. says

    I forgot to add that the girls wearing the pajama bottoms to school are doing so *over* their jeans! And it’s not because it’s against the school code, I guess it’s just the way the trend is here.


  15. says

    I don’t like the whole PJ thing (has been going on for a LONG time around here, especially the ones that take the time to do their hair and make up, as if to make us believe that they just woke up with nice hair.  This also points to the fact that some actually wake up, shower, change into pjs/sweats, and then leave the house.  The PJ bottoms aren’t that bad when you consider some walk around here in boxers and uggs, and then give me dirty looks about my fashion choices.  Ug, and the thong and sweats is the worst! But, I do contend that people should be allowed to wear what they want, although certain boundaries should be respected, like no fetish gear at a preschool.  I personally though cringe at the thought of wearing PJs or sweats out.

  16. Jane says

    I hate the pyjama look.  Moreover it baffles me when I see girls wearing expensive pyjamas and a full face of makeup.  If you’re going to put that time, money and effort in, why the pyjamas?

    Anyways, the point of the above paragraph is, yes, fellow budget fashionistas, I concur.

  17. Clair Davis says

    O.k I agree….. But whats wrong with wearing cute Victoria’s Secret sweats to go pick up your dog.
    Or run errands?……  I would NEVER go out of my house messy or smelly. But I see no wrong in wearing nice sweats or workout clothes to the movie store
    or whatever….. BTW Juicy tracksuits are for girls with no class who think they have money.
    They only wear them because the sweats have “JUICY” all over them

  18. Amanda says

    Actually, the plain fitted velour bottoms from Juicy aren’t half bad. They have no writing on the butt, don’t look sloppy since they’re fitted [but not skin tight] and come in cute colors. I’ve recieved a few pairs and wear them now and then to late night movies and classes. But I agree, the others are just tacky.

  19. Amanda says

    Actually, the plain fitted velour bottoms from Juicy aren’t half bad. They have no writing on the butt, don’t look sloppy since they’re fitted [but not skin tight] and come in cute colors. I’ve recieved a few pairs and wear them now and then to late night movies and classes. But I agree, the others are just tacky.

  20. moon_custafer says

    I agree with Ennlowe that this can be done well or badly. I suspect like most comfortable fashions (including jeans and tshirts), it caught on because the first people to do it had the looks to carry off a potentially sloppy outfit. Then everyone else followed suit without considering how it looked on them.

  21. Jeremy C says

    In response to Mocha Mammi’s comment, “How do I become a card carrying member of the APPL (Anti PJ as Pants League)?!! The wearing of bedclothes outside the house is a BIG FAT NO-NO!! How classless and tacky can this be? These children look ridiculous! First, how can one even begin to think it�s even cute and second, where are the parents?! Surely, they have to have an idea that their daughters are wearing their PJs in the streets!! If I was their age, my mother would have my butt if I even thought about going out the house “looking crazy.” It’s like she said, “how look when leave this house is a reflection of me” (meaning your home environment and how you were raised). So, naturally I always looked nice and as it turned out, it made me feel good too!! It�s seems like these young people today don�t really care. It�s like you said��.where�s the effort?

    Posted by Mocha Mammi on March 8, 2007”

    You are an idiot, you obviously are so stuck up and you dont like to accept change.  Whether you like it or not, wearing sweatpants to class is the norm in college for both men and women and when I see cute college girls that are wearing sweatpants in the streets or to class especially the ones with “Pink” written on the ###, they look more attracting to me than the ones who always have the boring look of a pair of blue jeans everyday.  In addition at the college age, college students have the right to make their own decisions and parents have no right to force them to wear something that they dont feel like wearing.  Times have changed and so has fashion because people dont feel the need to always try to impress others by wearing something that they feel uncomfortable in.  You are right about one thing, people dont care.  When was the last time you went to a college class and got complemented for wearing something nice that you felt uncomfortable in.  Most people are so busy with their own life that they dont have time to care about what others are wearing.  Hence wearing jeans everyday just to impress others instead of wearing sweatpants to class even occassionally is completely pointless.

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