MUST READ: National Geographic Explores the Joy of Shoes

The National Geographic recently featured (The Joy of Shoes, September 2006) a rather lengthly exploration of all things shoes.

Why you should read it: The topic of shoes was approached from the same anthropological-like perspective that the magazine uses to explore subjects like Chinese workers and Botswanian Lions (topics also present in the September issue).  From the bespoke shoemaker who holds parties for her high-end customers to wash their shoes in champagne and moonlight (cause the sun burns them) to a shoe historian who thinks our love of sneakers is an example of “how tolerant of ugliness we’ve become”, this feature will give you a new perspective on your relationship to shoes and why we’re so obsessed with them.


Plus it features this startling declaration in regards to future of Manolos:

Ladies, listen. When Manolo dies, there will be no more Manolos. There is no heir or protege. No big luxury goods conglomerate like LVMH waiting in the wings. No. No. No. When Blahnik has gone to that great shoe box in the sky, Manolos are finished.

Read the National Geographic Article

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