New York Fashion Week Fall 2011: Joy Cioci

What: TBF got a look at Joy Cioci’s Fall 2011 Collection at her Fashion Week presentation.

What They Say: Drawing from a background in luxury and contemporary, Joy Cioci created a collection to offer women fresh, modern apparel with novel, luxurious detailing that today is often found lacking. A great appreciation for detail and craftsmanship allow Cioci to create pieces that evoke a unique essence of love and demonstrate the intimate thought process behind her true vision. Sexy, romantic and influential personal inspirations play into each one of Cioci’s meticulous designs to provide a versatile collection that women gravitate to for everyday effortless wear.

What We Say: To us, Joy Cioci, knows the way to take basics up a notch. Really, most of the apparel we saw at her presentation (save a dress here and there) wouldn’t be statement pieces –which, to be clear is not saying her clothes weren’t fabulous. Instead she crafted really beautiful, simple looks that put the focus on the details rather than the item as a whole. Take her camel-colored cape (whew, lots of ‘C’s there), for instance. It’s impeccably made but you could totally wear it all the time, season after season, because it’s beautifully basic. This is great because you can really take her looks and run with them, but for much lower prices. By focusing on the details and quality of a piece, you’ll create closet longevity and fashionista swagger.

On top of all that, we saw some plus-size models thrown in there, so props to Joy for branching out and dressing some normal people during one of the events most notorious for bone-thin models.

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