Jovovich-Hawk Creates Line for Target

What: Model, actress and celebrity fashion designer, Milla Jovovich, is next on tap for Target’s Go International.

What the fashion heads say: From The

The eclectic line is now beloved by Tinseltown trendies such as Chloe Sevigny, Nicole Richie, Brittany Murphy, Joy Bryant and Ginnifer Goodwin. Even Victoria Beckham has been spotted wearing a Jovovich-Hawk Iggy mini. Vogue magazine has raved about the line’s “girl-about-town cult status that most designers spend years trying to achieve.”

What I say: Jovovich was one of the first of the recent celebs to launch her clothing line, the vintage inspiredJovovich-Hawk, with model Carmen Hawk.  It will be interesting to see how the line translates on the sales floors of Target.

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  1. Maria says

    Does anyone know when the Jovovich-Hawk line will hit Target? The Temperley line has already been in stores for a few weeks and looks pretty picked over, so I’m hoping that Jovovich-Hawk will hit the stores in time for the holidays :-)

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