New Favorite Beauty Line: Johnson’s Melt Away The Stress Products

I’m always looking for ways to reduced stress, so when I received samples from the Johnson’s Melt Away the Stress Product line, I was excited to possibly have another tension reducing product to add to my arsenal.  Clinically proven to reduced tension and increase quality of sleep. I decided to test the line out in the most stress-filled place in the world- New York City.

I must say, The Melt Away the Stress line is better (and cheaper at $4.99 a bottle) than a yoga class.  I slept better, felt less stressed-out and was generally a nicer person.  The scent, a mixture of chamomile and lavender, lulled me into a deep sleep. The Massaging Moisturizer oil, which was my least favorite product of the line, did provide relief to my dry, achy, 3 inch heel wearing feet.  But it was the Moisturizing Lotion, when mixed with J&J’s Lavender baby oil gel (another favorite),  that was the perfect all body moisturizer. Try it for yourself- the products are available at most drugstores and retailers like Target and Wal-Mart. Make sure you print out this coupon for an additional $1 off.