New Line: Jodi Arnold for The Limited

What: The Limited is launching a six-city national tour which will feature the unveiling of Jodi Arnold for The Limited fall 2010 capsule collection.

What They Say: “The Limited is excited about the collaboration and the tour as it echos the brand’s message of “Your Personal Success” – a celebration of the modern woman. .”

What We Say: The Limited has been working hard on their re-branding and positioning in order to compete with the likes of Ann Taylor. While we applaud joining with a real designer (instead of some random celebrity), we’re not sure Jodi Arnold is a big enough name to help them gain real brand equity in the minds of the average consumer.

Jodi Arnold for Limited Line

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  1. Courtney says

    I had a chance to look at the new collection and I love it. The limited beats Ann Taylor Loft because the quality is the same and the price is better (especially with all of their sales and coupons) They have done a good job revamping their collection and I will shop there now.

  2. Nora says

    I love the limited for well fitting, stylish business clothes. The styles are more current than Ann Taylor, and the prices can’t be beat, especially with the constant sales and promotions. I have saved so much money just this summer updating my wardrobe, and I will do the same with the winter collection. I am thrilled with their re-vamping, and they have clothing for the young woman out of college, to the 40 something + still looking fabulous (I’m the latter category). Keep it up.

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