Trend Alert: Jodhpurs?

What: I’m not even going to say you should buy them for fall. I’m just going to tell you that, after punctuating the fall runways, jodhpurs are catching on across the pond, and it could just be a matter of time.

What the fashion heads say: This from Matches’ fashion director Bridget Cosgrave, via Hilary Alexander at The Telegraph“Even if women are not buying into the total look, they want the jodhpurs. Why? It’s easy. It’s a new silhouette. We’re fed up with skinny jeans and, unless you’re 10 feet tall, you’re never going to look good in flares. Jodhpurs are easy.”

What I say: I’m trying to understand, I really am. But easy? I’m not so sure. Seems to me that a pant cut to puff out around the thighs and then come in close at the calf and ankle is bound to do little more than amplify any problem we might have in those areas. Do my thighs really need to be puffier? Probably not. If you are this adventurous, however, a word to the wise: keep the rest of your ensemble clean, simple and tailored. And please, for the love of Versace, no riding boots.