Trend Alert: Jodhpurs?


What: I’m not even going to say you should buy them for fall. I’m just going to tell you that, after punctuating the fall runways, jodhpurs are catching on across the pond, and it could just be a matter of time.

What the fashion heads say: This from Matches’ fashion director Bridget Cosgrave, via Hilary Alexander at The Telegraph“Even if women are not buying into the total look, they want the jodhpurs. Why? It’s easy. It’s a new silhouette. We’re fed up with skinny jeans and, unless you’re 10 feet tall, you’re never going to look good in flares. Jodhpurs are easy.”

What I say: I’m trying to understand, I really am. But easy? I’m not so sure. Seems to me that a pant cut to puff out around the thighs and then come in close at the calf and ankle is bound to do little more than amplify any problem we might have in those areas. Do my thighs really need to be puffier? Probably not. If you are this adventurous, however, a word to the wise: keep the rest of your ensemble clean, simple and tailored. And please, for the love of Versace, no riding boots.

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  1. judy says

    OMG…as someone who has trouble finding flattering pants these are just SCARY.  I love the Brits but to say that jodhpurs are EASY???? Give me a break…budget fashionistas must not become SLAVES to FASHION.

  2. B. says

    Omigod.  The 80s are really back.  I had a pair of these in middle school, and I thought they looked really smart.  I can’t imagine wearing anything that makes my thighs and my hips look bigger now that I’m mid 30s.

  3. says

    Let us remember that often there’s a difference between what we see on the runway and what we can actually wear in real life. Jodhpurs are “easy”??? Skinny jeans at least come in varying degrees of “skinny”. These jodhpurs pants will make 90% of the people wearing them look fatter and shorter than they really are!

  4. Rainya says

    Teehee! Great way to start my Sunday morning-post-coffee-and-two-year-old antics. “For the love of Versace” I agree with you!

  5. Florence says

    Hate the jodpurs but love the riding boots!  Bizarre what the Telegraph Fashion writer wrote about thos aweful jodphurs but a lot of what fashion writers say and promote is strange.  Look at the Sept issue of US Vogue. Harder to understand the other aweful silhouettes expounded by Prada and Marni: to dress up like giant garbage bags or the inexplicable use of bath mat material as skirts.  Last year it was about carrying huge garbage bag like black patent totes. Now designers want us to dress like garbage.  Don’t get me started on the most terrible platform shoe trend.  They were a bad idea when they first came out in the seventies and they are a bad idea now.  So predictable, this fashion merry-go-round!  I suspect sensible women will show them where it matters in terms of sales.  There is nothing more pathetic than last seasons hot things still on the sales rack.

  6. Allison says

    I agree.  For anybody with a normal shaped body, these pants are not going to flatter.  And I’d like to point out that the model in the photo has legs the size of my wrists…I guess you can risk looking a little bulkier when you’re only 89 pounds.

  7. Steph says

    This annoys me so much.  It’s so typical that, first, we’re told to rush out and buy flared jeans because they make us look balanced and minimize our hips and that we should never wear skinny jeans because they aren’t flattering on most women; then suddenly they are trying to sell us skinny jeans and we should all wear them.  I thought you just told us we wouldn’t look good in them!  Now it’s these ridiculous jodhpurs; is this really where ANY woman wants to add bulk?  But they’ll soon be being raved about by stylists.  The same stylists who would have told us to avoid them at all costs had we dared broach them say, last year.  I love fashion, for sure, but I hate it when they tell us one thing one year and the next year act as if they’ve never heard of such a silly thing.  I guess we all have to just find what works on our body and run with it! Who cares what they try to make us spend our money on this year?

  8. Lynn says

    I totally agree that those pants are usually hideous, but I received the Sept. J. Crew catalogue today and they have a (sort of) cute pair for sale. They don’t have the billowy hip area, which is what makes them look wearable. I just wish J. Crew would lower their prices!

  9. Vicky says

    Do they really think women are that stupid?  Who but a bean pole (and I USED to be one) would want to make their butt look bigger?  Come on!

  10. Michele says

    Again, “something borrowed.” I was going for the “Philadelphia Story” look and actually went to a place that sold equestrian equipment. I stooped that low but LOVE ‘EM! Several years ago I bought a red “riding jacket” that goes great with my “riding boots.” (Disagree about the boots, which are the ONLY footwear that’ll work with these babies). IMHO, the jacket is too small and tight, the clogs are goofy. And, even though I bought them at a “specialty” store, they were probably MUCH LESS than these puppies. And fit better.

  11. Anne says

    Jodhpurs ONLY look good if you are on horseback.  Period.  Otherwise they look stupid and flatter no one, not even the model (who, let’s all remember, gets PAID to make awful clothes look good, and probably carries about 100 lbs on a 5’10”-6’ tall body).

  12. English says

    I love everything about the picture, including her makeup. That’s exactly the type of person who can rock a look like that. If you go straight with them you look like you just came from your riding lesson, which is douchey and silly. You can do it if you don’t have big hips/butt or saddlebags already. And not all women do.

  13. Adrianne says

    Interesting – the picture above HIDEOUS! Pants like those would make any look back even that skinny model up there. But the pants in the J. Crew catalog just look like a pair of Capri pants to me except they have a curve stitched into them. If that is all they are doing – making a Capri pant with a funky stitch in the middle and calling it the new fall thing – well if we are going to fall for that maybe we deserve to look stupid.

    ps: to the owner:
    First time at the site and I love it! So glad to have found you 😀

  14. Tabi says

    I love Jodhpurs, but I have no idea where to buy them at! It seems only Balenciaga is making them, and heaven knows I can’t afford that! I love that this Fall season the British look is coming back, I love the style, I love the riding boots, the blazers, the French Scarves, and of course, the amazing Jodhpurs. If you have any ideas where to find tem please list them here!

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