Jockey Tactel Nylon Pieces, $8.50-$22

What: Angela slips into Jockey’s Tactel nylon underthings.

The Lowdown: I’m always little leery of these newfangled fabrics – I’m not adverse to manmade materials, but some of the names (like “Tactel”) conjure up images of beakers and sterile labs – not exactly, well, sexy.

Still, Jockey’s got it right with this Tactel stuff – I don’t know precisely what it means, but the fabric is smooth, supple and feels great on your skin. The camisole does its job, with adjustable straps, no itchy seams, and lightweight enough to wear all day without overheating.

As for the no-panty-line promise – well, it holds true for the most part, though I have a pair of New York and Company chinos that are the ultimate VPL test, and these didn’t quite pass. Of course, I have yet to find a panty that does, so I’m not going to hold that against them.

Yea or Nay: It’s a yea.

Buy It: At Camis range from $18-$22, and come in regular, tank and V-neck styles, and panties retail for $8.50, in cuts from thong to brief.

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