Stretch Your $50! Dress(es) to Impress on your First Day at Work

Graduates, it’s time to invest in your “big girl outfits,” aka interview outfits to show employers that you know what you’re doing. Aside from the obvious (no mini skirts, short shorts,  midriff tops), there are still ways to be drop dead gorgeous and still professional .

I like to call it drop dead professional. And even better, you can still do it within a reasonable budget.

You may be wondering why all of these choices are dresses. We aren’t  prejudiced but if you have limited time to get dressed in the morning, dresses don’t require as much mixing and matching.

These dresses aren’t just first day dresses. They are “I got the job” dresses.  These dresses are  and versatile for walking, standing, running, business meetings or what have you. And most importantly, they are under $50.

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